The start of a protest in Zendula?

I watched a protest on TV today after the update on the King’s condition. Still a coma. It is as if the whole country is sharing his coma. It is as if Zendula is in a coma. No one knows what is happening. The whole government is stalled, waiting for something to happen. No one knows if they should mourn the death of the King, or celebrate the death of the King, or wish the King to hurry up and die or else recover. Twenty protesters are parading in front of Old Gildagad House. I can’t tell if they are True Blue or Ben Party or Socialist or Anarchist. There are lots of Fields of Blue With Stars Flags so I guess they are patriotic but what does that mean when just about everyone hates the government? They really need to focus their advertising better. Propaganda is advertising really. Except you sell a political product instead of pickles. My pickles advertising campaign sucks. I don’t know what I will do if the boss rejects it. My job is only part time. A temp. I am clinging by my fingernails. Why did I get stuck with pickles?


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