The number of protestors is growing but their message is unclear

I watched the protests after the News Update of the King.  I don’t know what they are protesting. I don’t think they know. I don’t think anyone knows. I think it is a copycat of the American and British Occupy protests. But if it is a copycat knock off of the Yankland Occupy shouldn’t it be on the Goldbottom Traffic Circle? There are no banks on Moon Traffic Circle. Only governmental buildings. I guess they are using the traditional protest zone but it dilutes their message. What are they protesting? I don’t get the message. Their propaganda message is confusing. They really need a clean advertising jingle. I see a lot of those Guy Fawkes masks as well as traditional Teugu and Kitsume masks. It seems more fun than a protest. A bit of a laugh.

I am late for my pickles campaign meeting. It all seems so very silly. But then I am in advertising. Selling pickles is silly. And I don’t think the boss will pick my sales pitch.

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