Protesting continues but if they want to be successful to any degree they need a minister of Propaganda!

My pickles advertising sales pitch has been bounced back for more work. I came home early to sulk. So I micro-nuked a cheap frozen dinner and turned on the news. More protestors staged antics for the TV cameras. Political pantomime. I think they could do a better job. It is not very professional really. They need a professional minister of propaganda frankly. Someone good at advertising. The signs are amateurish. Cardboard boxes cut open and badly painted. They need to create shiny big signs in English to appeal to the world. When you turn on the TV to any riot anywhere in the world the biggest sign is always in English even if that sign says ‘Burn in hell Uncle Sam!’ Bad political mime. They are not even burning flags or howling. The Islamists have spoiled us. Now we expect every protest to be over the top foaming at the mouth yelling garnished with option murder and mayhem. Their political presentation is boring.

I don’t know what the point of their protests are. They are protesting in the traditional protest zone in front of Old Gildagad House and their ring leaders are using bull horns at their staging platform on the Old Falconer statue. The zone is considered a sacred free speech zone but the protestors are starting to spill over and block traffic. I can’t believe how it has grown from being such a silly stunt. Now there are over a hundred. Police patrol the front of Old Gildagad House. They looked bored. I am bored. I can’t believe my boss does not like my pickles sales pitch.

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