Is the King alive or dead? The whole political landscape of Zendula is up for grabs and the protesters are having their voices heard!

The Steering Committee is still in session debating the budget which is stalemated. The whole Steering Committee is stalemated. Hell! The whole government is stalemated since the King was shot and has slipped into a coma. No one knows if the bullet was from an assassin’s revolver or who the assassin even was. No one knows if the King is living or dying. The Privy Council is dangling. Their authority is entirely hinged to the King who appointed them. The Master of The Havens is holding emergency meetings just in case the King dies. He has to nominate the next candidate to be king or queen if the King dies. How can the Steering Committee vote for the next king if Moon Traffic Circle is cluttered with protestors in funny masks and True Blue Flags saying ‘Hell No! The Chief Navigator Has To Go!’ But until the King should either recover or die the whole government is paralyzed. The Chief Navigator is in control. And the Chief Navigator is a prick.

My Amazon book on Shepard Fairey came today. I love his take on propaganda. I love propaganda. The art angle of it. How images sell pickles or presidents. The art of deceit I suppose. No amount of propaganda can sell the ass we have as our Chief Navigator. He is the gallstone in the national asshole. A human hemorrhoid. Not even the most cunning TV jingle can sell him. Everyone says he will lose the Counting of the Arrows of Majority soon. Then general elections!

A general election means lots of political ads! If only I can hang on with my temp job at the advertising agency! Political ads! The mother lode! I hear our boss of bosses is already engaging in powwows with big wigs in dark glasses. Deep pockets who can afford to pay millions in advertising ads to sell this crook or that crook or some other crook to be our next Chief Navigator. The Counting of the Arrows means majority democracy. Majority democracy crowns the brow of the next Chief Navigator with the laurel crown of victory – crafted out of 1000 gilda paper bills. But who buys elections that deliver the supposed majority that supposedly means democracy that crowns the brow of the Next Navigator with the laurel crown of victory crafted out of payola bucks? Deep pockets. Millionaires. Billionaires. Corporations. Consortiums. Cartels.

I hear the Koch Brothers have bought membership in Zu House, the bastion of Big Business on Zendula. All of our favorite villains under one roof. And everyone of that 1% of ultra rich villains have deep pockets to buy the next elections. They are probably holding an auction right now to buy their Chief Navigator as I blog this. And guess who will be crafting the advertising to sell the rotter? My boss of bosses. Advertising can sell anything. Even the abrogation of democracy. But hey! Priorities are priorities! If only I can hang in there I can be on an advertising team to help sell the rotters. Political ads! The Mother lode! But to hang in there I need to sell my pickles sales pitch! God! How do I sell pickles?

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