Taking a break from the Zendula protests with my new book on classic propaganda

I console myself for my pickles torment by savoring my book on classic propaganda. Why is classic propaganda so lovely? The most evil dictatorships of the world produced the very best classic propaganda. The very peak of the art of brainwashing. The apex of the art of glorification of inexorable conquest of domination. The golden halo balm of the peace of surrender to this year’s or last year’s or next year’s ideology of subjugation. Why bother to find fate? Just surrender. The peace that comes from just surrendering is so warm and cozy! Like opium. Like heroin. Like the sleep of freezing cold that wraps its icy arms around you to lull you into the peace of death. Otherwise there is only the ridiculousness of petty life as a miserable minion selling pickles.


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