All about the Chief Navigator and the apparent “Constitutional Crisis”

The prick gave a rambling speech on TV last night. About the constitutional crisis. What constitutional crisis? What is the Chief Navigator gibbering about? Sooner or later the King will either recover or else die. Then the Master does some silly religious nuttiness or other on top of the Cosmati which is a paranormal Ouija board built almost three thousand years ago. Mumble jumble in the twenty-first century. Pleeease! Then he will nominate the next candidate to be king and queen. Antiquated old rituals in this day and age. No wonder only tourists take us seriously nowadays. Pomp and circumstances and antiquated old rituals. Anyway! Then the Steering Committee votes yes or no on the next king or queen. I would rather fancy a queen this time. It would be a nice change. Then the new king or queen votes in a new Privy Council to run the Royal Branch of the government and hosts tea for the Upper Chamber of fossilized old fuddy duddy titles of pedigree and honorary titles of merit and achievement or else charity do-goody-whatever. A big pomp and circumstances coronation. That might bring the tourists I guess. A dog and pony show to temporarily boast our unraveling self worth.

But whatever the dog and pony show, the Lower Chamber continues whatever the outcome until the next election of navigators. So what constitutional crisis is there? Unless the Chief Navigator loses a Counting of the Arrows of Majority he is Chief Navigator and therefore chief executive of the country. His Cockpit continues. As long as he does not step on the toes of the Master of The Havens or calls Madame Mayor a silly old cow what constitutional crisis is there? We just have to wait for the King to either recover or else die. The advertising gossip says there will not be a general election for a year or more. Damn. Unless I can sell my pickles sales pitch I won’t be able to cling to my temp job at the advertizing agency long enough for the mother lode! Political ads! That is something I could really sell!

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