New book on Propaganda and my graphic novel update on ‘Animal Farm’ is done! Free samples to follow?

I am savoring a new book called Techniques of Propaganda & Persuasion.  I don’t know why propaganda fascinates me so. It is advertising drenched in ‘1984′. It is the seductive allure of sinister power of manipulation of thought. ‘All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others’. ‘Animal Farm’. It is the hypnotic slight of hand of the alchemist of illusion. It is the 5th Avenue of brain washing.  It is the Craig’s List of nefarious spins. It is the genius of wedge issues and mental trip wires. How to persuade sane people into voting against their own self interests. It is fine art to get people to shoot themselves in the collective foot!

God! If only I can hang on until the Chief Navigator loses the Counting of the Arrows of Majority! A General Election at last! After so long! The prick was ruling as if he would never lose! Would be all but a fucking dictator forever! Political ads! The mother lode! Oh to design a political ad! What propaganda I could create! Forget pickles! I see power suits parading down the corporate halls toward the Inner Sanctum of the boss of bosses to open bids on deals on political ads by this deep pocket or that deep pocket. The power suits cost a thousand gildas a piece. The Italian shoes cost five hundred gildas a piece! The calfskin briefcases cost six hundred gildas a piece! The gold or platinum rimmed sun glasses cost seven hundred gildas a piece. The Rolex watches cost eight hundred gildas a piece. The diamond pinkie rings cost nine hundred gildas a piece.  Even the fucking silk handkerchiefs costs one hundred gildas a piece!

My graphic novel update of ‘Animal Farm’ is done but what can I do with it? Grandville Orwell Ant. Why did I use Yankland crooked politicians and write it in English? I need to turn it into an e-book since anything American sells better. Hell. If only I was in New York! The capital of world advertising! Perhaps I should emigrate. I am not getting anywhere as a temp selling pickles!


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