The Upper Chamber is freezing the budget and the protesters are in the hundreds now

Now that gibbering prat of a chief executive can’t pass the budget because the Upper Chamber is deep freezing everything in retaliation for his attempt to declare it obsolete even if it is obsolete. Ditto the Privy Council. Political dinosaurs nest there. They might be dinosaurs but they still have teeth. What the hell did he think he was thinking? You don’t just wave a wand and declare the Upper Chamber obsolete. You don’t piss off the Royal Branch of government even if the King is in a coma. Anyway. A noisy protest filling up Moon Traffic Circle won’t help the situation. I am sure the police will shoo everyone away soon. I can’t believe the protesters are in the hundreds now. The police facing Old Gildagad House are straining to keep them in the traditional zone for legal protesting. I have finished a new draft of my pickles sales pitch. Tomorrow I will run it by my supervisor. I hope she likes it.

Last night I dreamed I was standing at the window of my shiny new condo in the Upper Heights. It was the same shiny new condo which my boss of bosses owns the penthouse on the top floor.  The sky scraper touched the Shining Plains of Paradise!  The city below me is tiny. The ordinary working stiffs are tiny. Like ants. A human ant hill of ants. And I could stomp a thousand human ants to death with one Italian shoed foot. Then I realized I was not inside my shiny new condo staring out at the lowly city. I was outside staring into my shiny new condo. Then I fell screaming to my death fifty stories straight down! Right into the circular Naval Piers carved out of solid rock that form the foundation of bedrock that holds up the Upper Heights. I wonder what the dream means. It can’t be good.

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