The protesters have now highjacked the whole park – I can’t imagine what the tourists are thinking!

The protestors have retreated to the Moon Park and have set up headquarters by the Statue of Mother God of The Waters. They have highjacked the whole park. Well! The park is small but really! I can’t imagine what the tourists are thinking! They are not going away. The protestors I mean. Today they also surrounded the Fountain Court of Appeals on the other side of Old Gildagad House where appeals can be filed to protest injustice. ‘Appealing To The Conscience Of The King.’ Or at least that is what the old fountain says. The king on top of the fountain of course is old Gildagad The Great. The King is head of Justice Court so legal appeals to trump judgment or else to appear for mercy are filed there. But how do you appeal to the conscience of a king who is in a coma?

The protestors are asking people to come and sign a gigantic petition. So now both sides of Old Gildagad House are flanked by protestors. Police have ringed the old building though the protesters have not egged it or anything. The old building is so small. Like Old King Gildagad. I wonder what he is thinking as his ancient Courts of Justice crumble before his dead eyes into protests and bad political theater. Perhaps he would just laugh. I read somewhere he would watch himself hung in effigy every tax season. Then when the effigy was dumped into a bonfire he would come out and applaud the political theater. I don’t think the Chief Navigator understands political theater the way old Gilly did. The prick’s TV speech last night was too serious and too pompous and too full of self serving lies.

Perhaps I might check out the petition. No one seems to know what the protest is about. They really need a professional minister of propaganda. Perhaps I should apply for the job. If I can’t sell my pickles sales pitch then I don’t see how much longer I can hang on to my part time advertising job. Perhaps I should rethink immigrating to New York. Sell my graphic satire of Yankland politicians being nutty. My take off of ‘Animal Farm’ with Grandville animals. American political crooks are world famous. Our political crooks are just petty. The Chief Navigator’ recent speech on the floor of the Lower Chamber sounded just like Nixon. ‘I am not a crook! I am not a crook!’ Holy Baloney on rye but you are! But all politicians by definition are crooks! I wonder if the protestor accusations are true? Millions in taxes purloined into Swiss bank accounts. The Chief Navigator gave a perfectly incoherent speech today on the floor. The Logan Party vilified him. He squirmed like a bug impaled by a pin. A Nixon knock off without the five o’clock shadow and beetle brow. I don’t know which is worse. My pickles sales pitch or the protestors’ lousy hand made signs or the Chief Navigator’s bad Nixon impression. Do young kids even know about Nixon? I suppose even Nixon ‘I am not a crook!’ is passee now. Like The Beatles and hippy grovvy hair. It can’t be used to pitch sales even for comic effect. The joke does not work if the audience is 16 years old and don’t know the punch line. At least the present Yankland president looks intelligent if perfectly helpless. His government shut down but only for a month. Our government has been shut down for how long now? When was the King shot? Our chief executive looks like a crook caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. I wonder if the protestors are on to something about the finger on the trigger of the gun that shot the King.

All this protesting stuff is getting me back into the punk music I haven’t listened to in years. Here’s a classic punk album for ya.

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