It’s coming out that the person who shot the King was not a foreign terrorist but one of us! A Zendulian hit man!

I could not get near the petition being signed at the Fountain of Mercy at the old Fountain Court building. Hundreds of people are signing it. I am really surprised. I did not realize the protests had been going on for weeks now.  Since the King was shot. I have just noticed them. My advertising job is so demanding I have been too busy to follow events. The protestors are demanding an investigation into the Royal Assassination. The King is not dead yet. Does a coma qualify for royal assassination? I did not know the assassin was someone other than a foreign nutter. I thought it was a foreign nutter. A jihadist? I thought the Chief Navigator said the mysterious shooter was a jihadist? A foreign terrorist. But the protestors say the shooter was inside. One of us. A Zendulian hit man. So who paid him? Who hired him? I guess I should have been following the news more. Hey! A guy had got to know his priorities! Pickles!

I got a placard. Not a first class printing job. It is about the ‘Royal Assassination’. Who hired the insider who passed right through the Royal Hearthweru to get close enough to shoot the King and kill his Lord High Gesith who commands Military Court. That means the Army is dangling. Apparently the protestors see that as suspicious. I thought protestors fear military coups. But apparently they worry about the police and local militias having a free hand if the military is dangling. No oversight over the armories. I should try to find my old civics book. Who controls the armories? I am going to watch TV to study pickles jingles. Why didn’t my boss like my pickles sales pitch?

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