The protestors have all but fortified Moon Park as their headquarters. More tents have been set up. Tourists are milling around as if it is a tourist attraction.

I visited the protests after being laid off from my advertising job today. The protestors won’t retreat despite the snow storm overnight which has blanketed the city with a thin crunch of messy snow. I am sure the Chief Navigator expected them to give up by now. It is damn cold for spring. The protestors call it Zendulian Spring. You know! Like the Egyptian Spring. Arab Spring. Well! We know how that turned out! Anyway! The protestors have all but fortified Moon Park as their headquarters. More tents have been set up. I must admit the camp is self policed. Even trash pick up! Porta-potties have been rented. Mums and janitor protestors keep them so spotlessly clean there are even flowers inside. Tourists are milling around as if it is a tourist attraction.

Some members of the Logan Party are milling. No Ben Party of course. That is the nutty reactionary base of the Chief Navigator. Our version of the Tea Party. Which is nuttier? I can’t say. Both register off the lunatic scale. But wave a wedge issue before them like a red cape and their sheeple brains instinctively react with brainless brawn and they charge! What else do you think has been keeping the Chief Navigator in power so long? Ben Party Sheeple! Trust Ben Party Sheeple to vote against their own best interests every time! I bet those morons would vote for dictatorship if the right sales pitch could be advertised! Morons!

The Logan Party visitors are grilling the organizers. I don’t think a bogus wedge issue or political red herring will fool them. The Logan Party is the only political party that actually uses graphs and statistics to sell candidates in this day and age. Really! Don’t confuse people with rational facts! Not in this day and image! The image sells everything! Don’t you know your propaganda? Pleeese! They are probably the only people who check out the calorie counts on food boxes! No wonder they have been in the minority for over a decade now! God! Has it been that long since the last General Election? No wonder the damn Chief Navigator has been acting like a dictator! Sooner or later he must lose the Counting of the Arrows of Majority and then what? He will freak out! Democracy will bite him in his fat arse! He will need every Deep Pocket and every advertising agency in Zendula to sell his rotten carcass to the Zendulian people!

The protestors are bending over to appeal to the bourgeois soul of Zendula. They say they are not anarchists. They wave the national Field of Blue and Stars. They hand out copies of the Magnanimous Charter and the Constitution. They even have a security picket to protect the back of the camp that abuts Gloconda House Treasury. I was scolded for littering! What a laugh! A full time tea tent. It is so cold you can see your breath. A full time mess cafeteria. All sorts of improvised hot food. More generators. Being unemployed with an empty frig back at my flat I decided to check it out. Not bad. Crock pots. A bonfire kettle for potluck soup. Don’t ask what is chucked in for cooking! MRA military instant meals. Granola bars. Home made cookies. I bet no other anarchist protest as mums and grannies handing out home made cookies! Now grandmothers have arrived! What next? A brass band?  A hospital tent. I check it out. Improvised. Part time nurses. A volunteer pharmacy. Some Veterinarians of all things! To care for the pet dogs that some of the protestors have brought. Yeah gods! Mommies and grannies and dogs! What is next!

There is a poet’s corner of all things for poets to bellow freedom speeches and singers to sing on badly tuned guitars. Some one should tell them this is not the 1960s. Hippies and beatniks don’t exist anymore. Only cyber pucks and anarchists. There was a steampunk crowd. They were testing potato launchers and elaborate water rifles as well as ornate slingshots while waving elaborate toy guns. What a farce! I saw a bunch of Goths carrying protest signs. What next? Mimes? The Goths are a laugh. Middle age and thickening of waist in black and purple death gear with grand kids in pouches and prams and kiddies in black Goth couture. Their children grown up. Teenage Goth punks. How do they act out and defy their Goth elders? By wearing suits and ties? Three generations. ‘Brad Stoker’s Dracula’ really should apologize for launching the Goth Movement upon the world! I joined a group at another tent and painted signs. The propaganda sales pitches are rant amateur. They really need a professional minister of propaganda. Perhaps I should nominate myself for the job. I might as well try the potluck soup before going home to my empty frig.

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