Apparently it happened last night. Fires and mobs. Confusion. Riot police.

I can’t leave the TV screen. I have my laptop plugged in too. I am trying to find out what happened. I am trying to cull the twitters. It all seems to be total chaos. Apparently it happened last night. Fires and mobs. Confusion. Riot police firing water cannon at the protestors to drive them out of Moon Park. The facade of Old Gildagad House is black. But I don’t get it. If violent anarchists had fire bombed Old Gildagad House then why aren’t the windows smashed? I mean it looks black but it does not look bad! Someone lobbed some Molotov cocktails sure. But the damage is more cosmetic like an advertising facade for a petty bourgeois make- believe riot. And the people I met all of this week seemed just that! Bourgeois in costumes pretending to be anarchists. I never saw any weapons at all! Other than eggs and toy water pistols and sling shots. Ok. The potato launchers might have done some damage but really! Lethal potato grenades? The worst thing I saw lobbed at the police were snow balls and eggs. I can’t believe how fast this all blew up. I feel real bad for the mums and grannies and the Goths with their grand babies in prams dressed in black Goth nappies. I hope they were not hurt.

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