We tied Syria in broadcast time. Is that good or bad?

The lead organizer of the protests did an on camera interview with the BBC. She wore a helmet and dark goggles and gas mask to obscure her identity. It was very dramatic. It actually played well. She must know her advertising stuff. She gave a very coherent appeal. She spun the spin like an export. She wrapped the reporters around her gloved pinkie. The noble protestor with no ulterior motives. The punk patriot. What a sales pitch! I wish I had coined that! I could copy write it!

She said the Chief Navigator is using the protests as a red herring to distract everyone from the real issue of malfeasance in high places. Stolen monies from the public purse. Insider corruption. Corporate insider corruption hand in glove with navigators in the Cockpit selling government contracts for payola. She says millions have been embezzled or squandered. Millions. She said the King was shot when he ordered his Privy Council to demand a public audit of tax funds controlled by the Cockpit. She said she is simply putting the magnifying glass on the truth. She is forcing the chattering classes to do their job and focus the spot light on the crisis: financial malfeasance by the Chief Navigator and his Cockpit.

The Cockpit is suppose to raise funds for the government and not sit on the funds or starve government of needful monies or shut down government in order to shuffle funds from account to account in order to siphon off monies or else move them from account to account to cream off the interest. She is making some serious charges. No wonder she is hiding her face. And she gave the BBC very specific facts including specific monies. Payola. Bribes. Insider deals. Swiss accounts. Currency speculation with governmental currency to skim off the profit. The question is if her accusations  can be verified. That would require the chattering classes to stop chattering about wedge issues or movie star scandals to actually sleuth through complex Deep Throat accusations. I wonder where she got the intel? Her accusations are very specific about governmental but also corporate malfeasance. That can be tracked if any reporters would just get off their duffs and do it. I wonder where she got her insider intel? The BBC Evening News spent half of their half hour broadcast on it. We tied Syria in broadcast time. Is that good or bad?

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