Everyone is demanding investigations of everyone and the government is about to run out of money!

The Chief Navigator says he has evidence that armed anarchists infiltrated the Occupy Protest and is using it as a cover for terrorism. After all, someone did shoot police and broke into armories. But then someone shot protestors. Why break into armories to shoot their own?  He hints it is linked to the shooting of the King. He hints of the escalation of the constitutional crisis requiring difficult choices. What is he hinting?  Others accuse him of a slight of hand piece of political theater to distract everyone away from accusations about him. The Master wants a full investigation. The Upper Chamber and Privy Council wants a full investigation about his demands for a full investigation. Ditto the Logan Party. Everyone is demanding investigations of everyone and the government is about to run out of money!

Let’s face it! The Chief Navigator and his Cockpit are always shadow boxing with the Privy Council. It is Elected Branch vs. The Royal Branch. They are not elected except indirectly. It is an elaborately indirect form of constitutional monarchy. Our government is by everyone’s admission very old and very weird being an organically evolved institution. Our own peculiar institution. We are even weirder than the British government and that is weird!  The Chief Navigator is always walloping the Royal Branch with accusations of True Blue Tyranny. The True Blue dinosaurs are always accusing the Chief Navigator of playing the demagogue while embezzling tax monies along with election fund graft and selling insider deals to corporate crooks with big pockets of payola. So who is suppose to be believed? A pox on both their parties! And when the Chief Navigator is not shadow boxing with the Royal Branch he is shadow boxing with the Logan Party. Who can be believed? A pox on both their houses!

The obvious crooks should be the Upper Chamber which is populated by military titles of command, ancient titles of moldering pedigree, fossilized land gentry, and honorary life times titles for forgotten achievements by has-beens and goody-two-shoes. The Upper Chamber is not exactly your hotbed of revolutionaries. Mostly they are a chat shop. Antiquated twitter in silk robes of faded hue. Hip they are not! Does even one bloke have an iPod? But the Upper Chamber forms the True Blue Bastion of support for the King and his Privy Council. The Chief Navigator and his Cockpit is the counter balance in the tango of power. Checks and balances. It all comes down to antique checks and balances. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If there is no Upper Chamber then there is no veto. No checks or balances. That leaves only the King’s Veto and the Master’s Veto to any bill the Chief Navigator and his Cockpit proposes. And the King is in a coma. The Master prefers not to use his veto. After all, he is not elected either. He is the Admiral of the Navy and usually tries to stay out of the whole civic mess.  At least the King is ‘one vote once’. The Master is appointed by the gods and runs the damn navy. Talk about ridiculous in this time and age. So if the Upper Chamber is axed then there is only the King left to check and balance. Then the Chief Navigator could sell the sales pitch that the King is a tyrant. A dictator. Then bam! No king. No king and no privy council. Then bam! The Chief Navigator has the entire government in his vest pocket. But then isn’t he become a king? A potential dictator?

Simple majority rule in the Lower Chamber. Sure. Glorious democracy! All the graft that election funds can buy! If government is reduced to only the Lower Chamber then that might break up the gridlock and make the passing of bills faster but…. but…..there goes checks and balances. Oversight. Policing by presumably impartial old fossils without an axe to grind or election funds to corrupt. Simple majority democratic rule is simple majority tyranny over 49% minority. The Logan Party has been in the minority for a decade now. They can’t stop squat without the Upper Chamber. So it comes down to majority tyranny.  How is that any better than minority tyranny over the majority? How does replacing an ‘one vote once king’ with an ‘one vote occasionally’ Chief Navigator? How does that make things better? Or even more efficient? Dictators always claim to be efficient. Check and balances of power are inefficient. The only thing worse than inefficient checks and balances and divided government is dictatorship!  I need to find my old civics book. No. I will go online in a chat room and find out if anyone understands this constitutional crisis.

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