I have found my ‘Andre’ face today! Yes! At last!

I have found my ‘Andre’ face today! Yes! At last! I have always admired the ‘Andre’ Big Brother image created by Shepard Fairey. It was his homage to both Nazi propaganda and Russian propaganda. It was his homage to 1984. The ‘Big Brother’ face. You saw it all over the sixties of course. The ‘Big Brother’ face. His ‘Andre’ is just the latest reincarnation of ‘Big Brother’ coined by George Orwell in his book 1984. The Twilight Zone featured it repeatedly. George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ on some TV screen commanding the brain dead sheeple just like Stalin or Hitler, usually set in some futuristic anti-utopia. Peron just added his sexy wife Evita to sell their version of ‘Big Brother Argentina’. The Chinese just added color to sell their version of ‘Big Brother Mao’. Today North Korea is the only place left in earth were pure propaganda still reigns supreme. The rest are ironic homages or else parodies of ‘Big Brother’. Well! I have found my ‘Andre’ homage to ‘Big Brother’ at last!

I found an artist to do some modern propaganda for me. A homage to propaganda. Being in advertizing I am compelled to admire propaganda. After all, doesn’t propaganda simply advertize dictators and sell tyrants instead of laxatives or pickles? It is my private project to counterbalance my dismal assignment to come up with a campaign for pickles. The artist I hired created a series of black and white ‘Big Brother’ propaganda images. I wanted something very much like ‘OBEY’ but she said that would just be a rip off then. She developed two fascistic images I did like. ‘True Patriots Never Doubt The Cost Of Patriotism’ and ‘Patriotism & Heroism’. I am searching for backgrounds to photoshop. They are wonderfully Nazi! They are homages to the genius of propaganda to turn the key in the human brain to turn sheeple into lions! Lions marching off into battle! Into slaughter! Heroic self sacrifices! Sheeple mutton battle fodder slaughtered on the altar of war! Get it? Sweet eh?

She also created some facial closeups in harsh black and white that explore the emotions that propaganda yanks like a puppet master. ‘Fear & Paranoia’ for instance. Propaganda can inspire fear and paranoia in otherwise rational people so they will stampede in terror. Thus they can be stampeded into any advantageous direction to be exploited at will. And distracted by Fear & Paranoia they cannot see how they are being exploited and tricked and bamboozled by tyrants and demagogues into voting against their own self interest. It is like using an electric cattle prod to jab sheeple into marching in unison toward the slaughter! Sweet eh? Pain is advantageous but it can backfire. Propaganda brainwashing allows sheeple to be manipulated with the minimum threat of pain. Too much pain can backfire and cause a fatally uncontrollable stampede called a revolution. No. Propaganda is far superior to a cattle prod! And ‘Fear & Paranoia’ is an excellent psychological cattle prod!

Hitler sold Jews as the contagious vermin that would take over the world. He made every single German in Germany terrified of the Jewish bogeymen about to take over the world. They were so terrorized by the Jewish bogeymen they could not see that the real bogeyman as Hitler. Who all but destroyed Germany? Not Jews. Hitler. But the Germans sacrificed every ouch of their heroic being to help Hitler fight the Jewish bogeymen to the brink of the total destruction of their country. Amazing eh? Propaganda is one hell of a cattle prod!

Today the Saudis pump millions of petrol dollars into Arabic and Islamic TV channels to sell the Jewish bogeymen to terrorize Muslim sheeple into stampeding in terror. The Great Jewish Protocols of Zion Plot to take over the world. Dude! That is so pathetic! It is hard to believe that even today people still believe that antiquated turn of the last century Russian propaganda is true! But yes! The Arabic world believes ‘The Protocols of Zion’ is true! Hell! Most of the entire Muslim world believes it! Utterly and absolutely! ‘The day of judgement will not come until the Muslims fights the Jews. When a Jew will hide behind stones or trees then the stones and trees will cry out ‘Oh Muslim! Believer of the One True Faith! Behold! There is a Jew cowering behind me! Slay him!’ Schmucks! What can I say? What can any sane person say? But every year the Saudis finance elaborate TV shows and fake news casts to document and report how Jews are murdering babies all over the world to bake into Passover crackers! I take it back! Two nations still triumph in pure propaganda today! North Korea and the Saudis!

But Fear & Paranoia & Bogeymen is so powerful the Saudis exercise near dictatorial power over the Arabic world despite total economic incompetence and a violent, racist, authoritarian ideology masquerading as religion that is used by every single terrorist around the world. Fear & Paranoia & Bogeymen! The perfect cattle prod to herd sheeple to any slaughter! Not even Bin Laden and his countless massacres and unspeakable terrorism could cower the whole Arabic World the way Saudi propaganda of the Jewish bogeymen has achieved! And add the one-two-punch of the Decadent West bogeyman and you have achieved 1984 on earth! Too bad the Saudis don’t have nukes yet! But cheer up! Iran will have more than enough nukes to nuke the world soon! Just mix nuclear bombs with Fear & Paranoia & Bogeymen propaganda and guess what? Bin Laden riding the bomb careening down to earth while waving his turban a la ‘Doctor Strangelove Or How I Learned To Love The Bomb’!

And of course the Jewish bogeyman makes a perfect scapegoat to blame Islamic failure on! Every Islamic failure! Poor economic performance. Backward science and technology. Grossly inferior education. Little investment in infrastructure. Dictatorship. The need for total authoritarianism and the absolute denial of human rights. Crony capitalism. Total corruption. Incompetence. Malfeasance. The need for total self sacrifice and martyrdom. The need for perpetual war. That latter is so 1984! ‘All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others’! Except Orwell would have to edit out pig fascists and insert what? Cats! Perfect! It is classic really. How Orwell’s nightmare utopias fits Islam today! Orwell could have a field day today with Saudi Fear & Paranoia & Bogeymen!

The Jewish bogeyman scapegoat is used by the Saudi exactly the same way Hitler blamed the Jews for betraying Germany during WW1 which singled handedly caused the disastrous defeat of The Imperial Second Reich which his heroic Nazi Third Reich naturally claimed to be curing! Just slap a Hamas label or Saudi Wahhabist label or else a Bin Laden Deobandi label over that Nazi tin of Fascistic beets! Then let a good advertising propagandist like me design the label! Viola! 30 percent of the planet dances to the insane tune of mass nutters advocating mass extermination! And everyone is standing in line to buy it! But cheer up! The Great Brothel in the sky is handing out 72 virgins plus pearly boys! Or is it one 72 year old virgin riddled with clap plus her mother- in- law as Christopher Hitchens used to joke about? The Nazi only had Valhalla and two ton Wagnerian Valkriyes. Actually! I don’t know what is worse? Maybe it is safer to be an atheist and not face either heaven or hell!

Hamas conned Gaza into the usual one- male- vote- once to elect a terror organization to run Gaza. The platform? The Jewish bogeymen Protocols of Zion World Conspiracy to take over the world. The result? Gaza is ‘The Lord Of The Flies’ incarnate now. People literally living in open sewers. School children lined up in front of rocket launchers for food handouts from the USA and EU while they chant ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to the West’ like the sweet little sheeple lambs they are. Armories built next to schools. Military command centers built next to hospitals. Guess who has the only bomb shelters built under the hospitals! Yeap! Bingo! Hamas big turbans! Every day Hamas shoots rockets at the Jewish bogeymen in Israel while the people of Gaza starve. Never mind that Israel still pays for power plants in Gaza and free hospitals for Gaza nutters wounded in the war that Gaza started. Never mind Israel left behind rich commercial greenhouses and farms that could have been used to kick-start Gaza’s economy which Hamas promptly looted and destroyed. Never mind that Israel has the best GNP in the Middle East if you remove petrol dollars while Gaza is the ultimate nightmare failed state. Never mind that Arabs and Christians in Israel enjoy more rights and prosperity than the entire Middle East. Gaza voted a terror organization to run Gaza to fight the Jewish Bogeymen! Don’t let facts or starvation muddle the seductive allure of delicious propaganda served on a platter of victimization with a slice of religious dementia on the side topped with just a pinch of sadomasochism! And I just love that Youtube mass wedding of heroic Hamas jihadists marrying little girls in their white satin dresses just like their barbie dolls to console them for volunteering to march off to be suicide bombers! Who says propaganda is a dying art form that cynicism is killing off!

Hamas exploits black-market tunnels into Egypt (a fellow Muslim country) to charge extortion taxes for food and cooking oil. The people of Gaza starve. The only thing that prevents total death in Gaza is the millions of US and EU monies that come in. Half of the monies are squandered and embezzled by Hamas. Half of the so-called government of Gaza does not even work. But Hamas party members can afford to shop at the luxury shops of Gaza while ordinary people are living in open sewers and starving. 1984 has come down to earth and is living in Gaza! And guess what? The people of Gaza dress their babies as suicide bombers and let Hamas march off their boys and girls to become suicide bombers or else human shields quite willingly! Fear & Paranoia! Who needs Truth & Reason when you have that? Propaganda and Bogeymen! Who needs honest and responsible government when you have that?

Anyway! I have my homage to ‘Fear & Paranoia’. That is the key emotion all really good propaganda inspires. Irrational and all consuming fear and paranoia. It is primal. Instinctive. Fight or Flight. It is located in the most ancient ape part of our modern brain. All really good propaganda tickles Fight or Flight into Fear & Paranoia! The artist produced several variations of ‘Fear & Paranoia’. I now also have two sweet ‘Suspicion’ faces as well. One is a black silhouette with just a rectangle highlight of the eyes. The suspicious eyes peering out. The other face is a totally freaked out paranoid suspicious person. Sweet. I like them. Suspicion is another very important emotion that good propaganda should inflame. It is like Fear & Paranoia. It is irrational and unnerving. It nullifies objectivity. It eats into sanity like acid. It allows the sheeple to be infected with irrational fears and terrors and obsessive compulsions so that they cannot think rationally enough to realize how propaganda is manipulating them like puppets. So they never see the strings that are yanking them. They never see the puppet master hidden high up behind the black gauze manipulating them to act against their will. Sweet. I like my modern homage to propaganda. I need to add bold red. Just an accent. Red is an emotionally inflammatory color that tickles the brain into feral overreaction. That is why all propaganda and also advertising uses red. Red & Sex.

The artist also created two other interesting faces. ‘The Demagogue’. Very Nixonesque. Demagogues are Big Brother on speed as they are perform before their sheeple. Snaring. Howling. Gashing their teeth. Their eyes red. Their brows sweaty. Their five o’clock shadow prickly. Their hands slashing the air like clawed talons. The TV lights reflected off their canine teeth. Demagogues vomit out their hatred and paranoia as if a contagious Virus of Hatred to infect their audience. It is mesmerizing. Hypnotizing. How the Virus of Hatred can spew out like contagious tuberculosis germs into the air to infect the audience. Even over a TV screen. But the best demagogues are live performers. The all consuming emotional reaction the audience has toward a mesmerizing performance that overwhelms them utterly to the point there they cease to be independent minds but rather mindless sheeple. Who needs a devil to sell your soul to when you have a demagogue to voluntary give your soul away to?

I bet Mohammad was a great demagogue. Like Hitler. Like Mussolini. Like Peron. Like Lenin. Like Mao. To mesmerize wild Arabs of the barbaric Arabic landscape into totally surrendering their own wild and wilful identity and become brainwashed sheeple blindly obeying with trembling docility, bowing cravenly, cowering, trembling, on bent knee. Even today Arabic Muslims in particular are terrified of disobeying the Koran. They take it literally. Absolutely. The ultimate Divine Authority. The supremely celestial dictatorship. They call it the ‘peace’ of ‘surrender’ to the ‘Divine Slavery’. That is their description for it. Really. Amazing isn’t it? They say with pride that Islam denies all free will. Freedom is officially haram. Forbidden. Amazing eh? No wonder Christopher Hitchens said Islam was the modern Fascism of today.

Their fear of disobedience is so overwhelming they spend their entire lives micro managing every detail from how they shave to how they dress to how they eat to have they fuck to how they urinate and defecate. Literally counting the exact four squares of toilet paper to correspond to four pebbles. Only obsessive compulsive nutters do that! Or else sheeple completely brainwashed by the ultimate demagogue and strait jacketed by mind numbing and mind paralyzing propaganda! Religious Nazism garnished with modern takeoffs of Nazi propaganda. Check out the TV shows on Youtube and see it for yourself. It is exactly like Nazism! The very same propaganda! Down to the Jewish Vermin images! Exactly like Nazi Germany! Actually. It is rather like knock-offs of Nazi propaganda now that I think about it. Let me check out some on Youtube…..

Yeap! Second rate! Silly Arabs in silly dresses minus the fancy Pope dress frills and lace! Smug and smirking! Why are they always smug and smirking! That simply irritates the viewer! Whatever else you might say about Hitler or Mao or Peron or Mussolini they knew how to act to a camera! And no black shirts! Pleeese! White simply does not compare to a really well designed black shirt! Visually speaking the Saudi propaganda is very mediocre to any Nazi counterparts! The Green Crescent Moon is ok but simply cannot beat the bold Swastika on a red background! Nazi propaganda was first rate! Really stylish! Inventive! The black uniforms. The bold dashes of red. The shiny black patent leather boots. The skulls. The swastika. You have to admit Nazi propaganda was total genius! Even their pseudo Valhalla Wagnerian Nordic quasi religion ritual nuttiness is visually so much more masterful in design and presentation! Their pomp and circumstances mass demonstrations by bonfires in Nuernberg are so much better than Wahhabi nutters in dirty dresses and grungy sandals dancing about bonfires of burning human beings while shooting off Russian machine guns! Pleeese! Or howling mobs of gibbering fanatics with ratty beards howling ‘Death to America’! No professionalism in their presentation at all!

The black abaya-niqaab does have a certain sinister repellant allure but still —- it is just a bunch of Stokholm brainwashed women prancing around in black bee tents. Nazi storm troopers trump that! Gestapo surpasses that! The SS beats any black bee tent! No style to the propaganda at all! No discipline of presentation! No stage management! No visual panache beyond the usual tiresome ‘We love death more than you love life so we will win’ crap! Pleeese! No comparison! The Wahhabi -Deobandi crap is rank amateur knock-offs in comparison! And their Saudi sword dance is simply embarrassing! No self respecting Nazi would be seen doing that! Saudi! They always buy off the shelf. That is to say they rip off. Knock off. Intellectually loot. Even their Saudi fascism is a second rate knock off of Nazism! No connoisseur of propaganda would buy Saudi. Nothing trumps Nazi!

Today only North Korea rivals Islam in brainwashing sheeple. ‘I hear and obey!’ Blind obedience. Unquestioning respect and awe toward authority. Terror of heresy or blasphemy. Who else can execute for heresy and blasphemy today? Only North Korea and Islam. Howbeit North Korea propaganda has the discipline and visual dash that Islamic fascism cannot match even though North Korean is heavy handed which is typical of the last monomaniacal totalitarianism on earth. Not even China can force an entire population into trembling in terror of committing heresy and blasphemy today. Sure. They can execute. But nowadays the Chinese know it is pure cynical power. Execution. Torture. Sure. But even they can see through the phony heresy, and blasphemy bugaboos, and propaganda bogeymen. Cynicism is setting in. The young Chinese are too techo-savvy to fall for it. They play around with the propaganda the way we do in the West. They turn it into satire. Irony. Disbelief turning propaganda inside-out to become ridicule. In China propaganda is withering on the internet vine.

Propaganda needs an isolation to operate in. An alienation. An sealed environment. Like the Hermit Nation call North Korea. All borders have to be sealed and all mass media must be controlled for maximum impact. Like the 1940s where there was no TV and only limited radio and controlled chains of newspapers and censored movies. Like 1950s ‘Mad Men’ Suburbia. Like 1960s housewives in their homes with only the TV providing the only window onto the world. The satellite dish and the internet has turned control of mass media into a sieve. Some internet prophets predict that the internet will overthrow all tyrants within decades. Today of course there is the American Tea Party or our own Ben Party of course. They seal themselves into their own hermit nation environment. Radio Russ. Fox TV. A few internet web sites that repeat all of the standard nutty conspiracies over and over and over. The Arabic World does that too. Self sealing into its own hermit world view. Their propaganda can still inspire Fear & Paranoia to a remarkable degree. They exploit Arabic TV brilliantly to broadcast Fear & Paranoia while shutting down Western channels and often they shut off the internet or else police it by shutting down Google or else social media. Especially social media. Social media has already proved it can unleash revolutions on the streets even in Arabic countries despite all of their propaganda.

But still. I wonder. How long? How long before the internet and satellite TV breaks down the Hermit Religion the way it must be breaking down even the Hermit Nation of Korea and is presently undermining Communistic control of China? How long before the sheeple realize they have been lied to? It is like those damn internet web sites that allow public critiquing of consumer products. Those damn sites totally undermine advertizing! How can we be expected to sell lousy pickles if the public can access the truth by a flick of one finger on one key of a computer? How can propaganda rule supreme if the public can access the truth by a flick of one finger on one key of a computer?

Advertizing is the manipulation of the brain by the tickling of emotions to excite consumer materialism. Buy it! You will like it! It does not matter if you don’t need it! It will make you feel happy for a while. And mostly you are not tricked into buying something too fatal to your health or well being. Propaganda is the manipulation of brain by inflaming the emotions to control and exploit the powerless by distorting their ability to think. Heresy is censorship used to keep the powerless enslaved by making it impossible to think for the brickly biers of fear. Blasphemy is mental manacles to chain and cage the mind to keep the powerless perpetually powerless by making it impossible for them to think at all.

The final face the artist gave me is the ‘Fanatic’. It is sweet. Vivid black and white. Only the eyes are red. Messianic. The Demagogue drunk on self anointed quasi divinity. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dictator become Demigod and then God. It is a slippery slope every single dictator has slipped down! Divine Right of Kings and Tyrants! The Prophet and God On Earth. Did the Buddha go mad? No. I don’t think so. Odd that. I think he is the only guy who didn’t. Him and George Washington. Georgie of the famous wooden teeth refused to be crowned king of America —- twice. He refused to stand for a third election so he would not become a dictator. He refused to have his face stamped on coinage. He retired and became an unsuccessful farmer trying to free his slaves except they were too old so they all limped toward an unhappy old age with the sins of slavery still shackling them. Slaves and guilt riddled master chained together by mutual guilt and neediness. Georgie of the famous wooden teeth and the Buddha are the two exceptions to the rule that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And maybe Jesus H Christ though I am too much the agnostic to know much about him. But that is about it as far as being immune to power. Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. From Salesman to Rabble-rouser to Demagogue to Dictator to Tyrant to Divine-Right-Of-Kings to Demigod to God.

Propaganda sells every sort of unsavory thing from pickles to dictators. From stale bread to tyrants. From caviar to kings. From overpriced wine to power mad demigods. I wonder? Is the Koran propaganda? It certainly acts on the brain like propaganda. I wonder? Does religion and propaganda co-inhabit the same cell in the brain? Both appear to paralyze the brain and destroy free will. No wonder the Saudi spew out millions in propaganda to damn the decadent West for being cynical and godless and democratic. Sure. We are. Cynical and godless and democratic. But cynical and godless and democratic is the antidote to Fear & Paranoia or Dictators & Tyrants, not to mention ‘Cabbages & Kings’. It defeats propaganda. It uncages the brain. It unleashes the mind. It frees the heart and soul. I wonder if religious mumbo jumbo was the first propaganda? Did George Orwell ever read the Koran? Or the Bible? I should check out Catholic mumbo jumbo and compare it to classic propaganda. I wonder if it operates on the same brain wave length? Obey or die? Or else obey or be damned? Orwell was a genius at dissecting propaganda. Propaganda and tyranny. But he saw 1984 through the lens of Nazism and the approaching Cold War. He would never have imaged that Islamic fascism would come back full circle to terrorize the world. So his nightmare is devoid of religion.

Orwell is my favorite author. My Grandville Orwell Ant graphic novel is my homage to Orwell’s 1984. Can I ever get it sold on Amazon? I can’t find the ‘print on demand’ publisher to do it yet. Bummer. Anyway! Where was I? Andre! I the artist’s final work was my ‘Andre Face’! By version of ‘Big Brother’. It is bold black and white with accents of bold color appropriate for our color saturated day and age! An accent of gold. The dark glasses. All modern tyrants must wear dark glasses! It can be mass produced very effectively and is vivid both seen up close and far off. It can be manipulated to mean anything by simply changing the caption. Sweet eh?

The artist picked it off old Guttersnipe propaganda. The Guttersnipes were a labor moment between 1857 and 1870. They started after the brouhaha of the Sikes Robbery of Wellus House Londinium of some soon-to-be outlawed prototype weapon of mass destruction. Wellus House was and still is a ‘Merchant of Death. Munitions. Guns. Any sort of weapons. How do you classify weapons of mass destruction and say which particular one is too heinous to be used? Nitro powder full metal jacket bullets kill millions and today Wellus House develops plastic explosives and uranium depleted cluster bombs. What can be ‘too heinous’? Anyway. The Robbery of Wellus House triggered a massive labor movement. It was quite lively for a while. For a while the workers of the country hoped their lives would change. For a while. But just for a while. Then the Guttersnipes were gunned down in a Wellus House warehouse on a dismal pier in The Havens in 1870 after the infamous Smithiton Steel Works massacre of labor organizers and striking steel workers. For a while everyone wondered if Wellus House would take the fall for the massacre but no corpses could be found to justify an indictment. So Wellus House got off Scot-free. Even now. They always get off Scot-free.

Our Nixonsque Chief Navigator is ranting ‘checkers’ speeches once a week that he is not a crook for giving away the keys to the store to Wellus House. Too big to fail! That is Wellus House! They make profits in the billions but require every sort of government sweetheart deal. The government is reputed to be on the verge of bankruptcy and the only way to save the country is to slash the entire social safety net and plunge the whole population into destitution as appalling as Greece and Spain is facing under the EU today. Or the Ukraine. Turkey. I watch the riots on Youtube and wonder if such terrible riots will happen here. The riots are unbelievable. So is the desperation as 99% of the entire population is plunged into poverty overnight even as the 1% continue to party! Even America saw Occupy Riots on Wall Street after their trillion dollar bail out of reckless financiers. And not one lousy reform was ever passed to stop the wreckage from happening again! And not one rotten banker was ever arrested or prosecuted! And who paid the bailout to banks too big to fail? The 99% who are tumbling from the middle class into poverty! That’s who!

Where did all of the money go? Every nation is asking themselves that. We sure are asking that as our noble Nixonsque Chief Navigator delivers his weekly ‘checkers speech’. Wellus House and other too big to fail consortiums and cartels and corporations and big banks and bigger treasuries. That is where all of the money went. And now the Chief Navigator says to save Zendula we have to gut the social safety net and screw the entire working population of Zendula up to and including the retirees who paid into the retirement fund all of their working lives.

And to generate jobs in this miserable ‘jobless recovery’ we have to give Wellus House and other industrialists carte blanche by gutting the pure air and water act. Gut the minimum wage which does not even keep workers above the poverty line as it is. Destroy unions by allowing ‘freedom to work’ in union-less factories so the workers don’t have any collective bargaining power whatsoever. ‘Freedom to work’ is an oxymoron worthy of Orwell! That and ‘Dignity of work’ to describe the minimum wage job that does not keep workers above the poverty line. Hell’s Bells! It is 2014 and it sounds more like 1870! The entire Progressive Reform Bill that King Astel and the Guttersnipes fought for is being rolled back to 1870! Carte blanche for anyone to do whatever they can get away with! All to be paid in blood out of our collective carcasses! What was that Guttersnipe line? ‘The Morlocks are devouring us by inches!’ We sure are! Being devoured I mean. But now it is not Rockefeller or Carnegie or Morgan. It is the Koch Brothers. And Wellus House of course! Always Wellus House! The new monster is not ‘Big Brother’ so much as Big Business! Koch Brothers! Wellus House! And they are devouring us alive!

Anyway! The Guttersnipes spread the urban myth that Wellus House was a front for Morlocks from the Old Citadel. The old Citadel is an ancient industrial bastion that ended up a reeking cesspool of industrial toxic waste, mithril radiation, and pools of mercury and arsenic and lead and asbestos or sulfur or acid. Nothing could live there. Not even glowing in the dark radioactive cockroaches the size of lobsters. Howbeit they might look a lot like lobsters. Have you ever seen a lobster up close? Burrrh! Anyway! Morlocks are our urban myth of the industrial bogeyman. Morlocks are the visual incarnation of the Industrial Revolution that transformed the world from genteel serfdom and happy peasants farming the land with only the occasional famine and starvation into urbanized industrial nightmares spewing out toxic pollution and mass produced consumerism for the urbanized worker working himself to death to buy and then consume the best mass produced quality and quantity at the cheapest price that toiling workers can achieve by being worked to death. Fuck! What a run-on sentence!

Morlocks are a ruthless industrial mutation that thrives in pollution, loves toxic dumps, glorifies mass production lines of humans enslaved to machines, savors industrial carnage, and considers the pounding of cams and gears to be music to the ear —- that and the delicious screams of workers being crushed between cams and gears, or else being boiled alive in steam accidents, or else being burned alive on foundry floors, or else being poisoned by acid or sulfur or some other deadly manufacturing cocktail of damnation. Damn! Another run-on sentence! Should I edit it? Hell! Why bother. I have not decided if I should publish this yet. As an advertizing junior nonentity I should be celebrating Morlocks instead of damning them! After all, I am the guy tricking the all consuming Eloi into being consumed by the Morlocks! Does that make me Judas? Thirty pieces of silver to betray my fellow Eloi? Make that thirty thousand so I can make a down payment on my dream condo!

Morlocks abhors fresh air, clean water, pure food, or purer medicine. Morlocks are conspiring to pollute the world so we will all become so sick we can be devoured. Morlocks would love China right now! An entire nation being poisoned to death! Suffocated by pollution! Eating pollution and drinking pollution and consuming pollution! The Chinese Eloi! I guess the Chinese Commies sold out Mao to the Morlocks eh? ‘All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others’. Sweet! Orwell would love China! But what would Orwell think of my country? Zendula? Nah! Schmucks. That is what we are. Schmucks.

Apparently the Morlocks are supposedly cannibals out to devour us Eloi. The Eloi are us. The consumer class buying what industry mass produces even as it devours us the way the Morlocks are supposed to devour the Eloi even as they manufacture to maintain them in every creature comfort before they are devoured. We toil at backbreaking jobs in order to buy ourselves into bankruptcy. We buy to consume to be ‘happy’ except we just end up enslaved to materialism while staying unhappy. We are devoured by what we buy. The manufacturers mass produce crap no one needs and we buy the crap we don’t need until we drown in the crap we don’t need and the crap devours us. Consumerism devours us. Mass production devours us. Industrialization devours us. Big finance credit lines devours us. We are the modern day Eloi and the industrialized Morlocks are devouring us.

Every iphone for example is a toxic sewer of manufacturing poison. Workers died making them. Then the broken iphones are dumped into toxic mounds of toxic trash to further pollute us and kill us. And that is not even factoring in the slow death by brain waves. We live in a plastic world that is designed to break so we must keep buying and buying and buying until the toxic pollution of plastic kills us. The oceans are gigantic mounds of floating toxic pollution that kills us by poisoning the fish we eat. The earth is filled by toxic mounds of trash of crap we have bought which is killing us. The air is filled with toxic pollution that is killing us. Every year Indonesia and Malaysia countersue each other over the dense smoke of millions of burning jungle trees as the rest of the Pearls of the Pacific gag and gag and gag on smoky air so foul we are dying by inches. And we don’t even need the crap we buy. But we devour byproducts of pollution as that pollution devours us as the byproducts devours us as industry devours us as mass production devours us as our credit cards devour us in interest as the banks and treasuries devour us. And all of that devouring is devouring the ozone layer and causing global warming which is devouring us. So the perfect symbol of all of this industrial devouring is an urban myth called the Industrialized Mutation Known As A Morlock. And Morlocks are devouring us because we are the Eloi. And the Eloi are Consumers of Materialistic Excess which is devouring us. Sweet eh? Or not so sweet. Urban myth. The modern day replacement villain for the old cold war villain called ‘Big Brother. So my ‘Andre’ is a Morlock.

The Guttersnipes lived that urban myth for real. Or at least parts of it. They lived our nightmare for real. Their world was the pre-Progressive Reform World when anyone did whatever they could get away with. The Guttersnipes are us back then. The Guttersnipes are what we are going to become once again. Full circle. The Modern Progressive World is being unraveled by the Morlocks thread by thread and reform by reform and pollution by pollution until we become the pre 1900 world of the Guttersnipes once again.

Before the 1900 Progressive Reforms my country was like the rest of the industrial world or China today. Grossly industrialized. Grossly polluted. The air was black with cancer causing chemicals The rivers were floating sewers of rot and filth and yet more cancer causing chemicals. The foods were contaminated. Medicines were more poisons than cures. The industrialized world was one huge black cesspool of industrialized poison devouring the workers mass producing the consumer goods that devoured the consumers who more often than not were the workers mass producing the consumer goods to begin with. Factories were totally unregulated. A work day was 12 to 14 hours all but non stop for six days a week. No safety protocols. Nothing. No minimum wage. No collective bargaining. Nothing. Carte blanche. Do whatever you can get away with. And the Industrial Revolution was devouring the world. And industrial robber barons, financial tycoons, oligarchs, millionaire cartels, and billionaire consortiums were devouring not only their brutalized workers but Zendula. When industrial millionaires can form cartels and consortiums and monopolies to control oil, steel, transport, and banking you have a nation garroted. And when industrial robber barons and tycoons and oligarchs and cartels and consortiums are richer than governments you had a defacto industrialized dictatorship. Zu House in general and Wellus House in particular could buy navigators and other politicians by the bakers dozen and Chief Navigators and/ or Prime Minsters and/ or Presidents each election. It was a defacto industrialized dictatorship. And the now notorious military industrial complex was just kicking in!

Today of course Wellus House still buys power. In America it is the Koch Brothers. Every country has them. Robber barons. Tycoons. Oligarchs. The Military Industrial Complex. They own the country. They own the leaders and government that is suppose to run the country. They apply the screws and their bought and paid for puppets pour out the oil of riches. Too rich to fail. Corporate welfare. Sucking the Teats of Big Government. They don’t pay any tax but they game the system to get it all while we struggle on pennies. Their secretaries and minimum wage workers pay more in taxes than they do. They own fifty percent of the nation despite being only one percent. And we pay through the nose. And when the deficit rachets up then guess who must pay? Us! Gosh! We must cut the budget somewhere? The Social Safety Net! What else can we cut? Gosh! Why not cut the one percent who are parasites sucking the Teats of Big Government like vampires! Who not cut the one percent who are devouring the country like cannibals? Why not cut the one percent who are devouring us like Morlocks?

Get it? My Andre! My face is a Morlock! The Urban Myth come to life! The Morlock is the face of the One Percent devouring us! Feeding off us! The Morlocks devouring the Eloi! Us! Get it? Sweet eh? What a great way to protest the One Percent who use big industry and big finance and crony capitalism and insider deals and bought and paid for corrupt politicians and the military industrial complex to devour us! I dug up old Guttersnipe propaganda and plan to attach the slogans to my Morlock Grade Six CEO face! Sweet eh? My propaganda to protest the shit this country is in! The shit this world is in! It is certainly a better propaganda than these amateur Occupy protestors are using to demonstrate in front of Old Gildagad House!

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