‘Don’t play into their hands!’

It is getting cold as late afternoon fades. The mums and grannies are handing out hot tea and soup. Everyone is told to shove granola bars and energy bars into their pockets as well as flasks if they have them. Dummy me. Naturally I don’t have a flask. Water bottles have run out. The genteel protestors look scared. The organizers keep lecturing them to not use excessive force. ‘Don’t play into their hands!’ Our Deep Throat Punk Patriot glorious leader ordered her best protestors to guard the lane to the Golconda House Treasury to protect it. There was a mini riot. Some kids wanted to attack it as a symbol of capitalism. It was bastards at Golconda House and other banks and treasuries who caused the World Recession with their stupid greed. The organizers had to appeal to everyone. ‘We have to hold the high ground. It is the only way we can win. That means we have to be law abiding in our protests. We have to respect property. We cannot loot. We cannot lapse into anarchy or thuggery. We have to keep our nerves and our cool. We are symbols of the best of Zendula! Let the Chief Navigator symbolize the worse of Zendula!’ Then she sent protestors to also protect the Royal Museum just in case riot police fail to protect it so we would be blamed. She has her security guards sending continuous iphone pics to show the world what is happening in real time. Guarding by googling pics to the world!

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