A convo with one of the mounted sheriffs

I asked one mounted sheriff why they did it. He told me it was the right thing to do. I see blood staining his snow throw. He does not flinch. I asked him why he did not attack the riot police. He said the riot police were only following orders. ‘They are not villains. We are not heroes. No one knows who to obey. The government is cleft in twain. No one is in control. And snipers were shooting at everyone.’ I asked him who the snipers were. He said he did not know. He said when he gets back to military hospital and the bullet is dug out it will be kept as evidence. I asked him if he would be surprised if the bullet is national guard. Some of the stolen weaponry. He told me he would not be surprised. He does not flinch as the blood trickles down.

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