A mask is a mask?

The leader of the graffiti taggers is getting too damn cosy with the three English tourists who keep rewriting my propaganda. They are upstaging me. I think they are way too professional. And my leader of graffiti taggers is two timing me. My ‘Minister of Propaganda’ was always meant to be ironic but I am feeling decidedly paranoid right now. Everyone is wearing masks behind the masks. Why did the English tourist from Oxford give me a mask of a fox to wear? Because the Guy Fawkes masks ran out? Sure. The Kitsume fox mask is almost as popular as the Teugu masks and it is silly to be paranoid about plastic masks. A mask is a mask. But why did I end up wearing the Fox Mask? Kitsume foxes by tradition are agent provocateurs and duplicitous mischief makers. Fox gods are wild cards played by rogues. I tossed the silly plastic mask. But I keep seeing how the three English tourists keep watching me — and rewriting my propaganda.

kitsume mask

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