It was reverse propaganda. Brilliant really.

I am trying to find the original propaganda the Guttersnipes used against Big Business and the navigators they bought off. I want to use the old scandal to spin the new scandal and bust the Chief Navigator. The man is so damn labor. He has all but outlawed unions and has opposed raising the minimum wage which is below the poverty line when you factor inflation. The 99% working stiffs have not been this poor since the 1880s. The 1% rich have not been this rich since the 1880s. I remember seeing some once. Guttersnipe propaganda. It was reverse propaganda. Brilliant really. Like the name ‘guttersnipe’. An insult turned into a political badge to be worn with pride. The trouble is right now my nefarious counterpart is turning my propaganda against me with the ‘Behind the Mask’ bullshit. I need to find an angle to sell my sales pitch. Propaganda. Advertising. It all comes down to a sales pitch after all. I think the Guttersnipe War needs to be Googled. If history is repeating itself then I want the modern day Guttersnipes to win.

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