I now officially have nine toes left

Tents are surprisingly well organized. The hospital tent and cafeteria is kept amazingly clean despite the grimy toil the protest is taking on the actual protestors. We are an increasingly grimy sight. Everyone is cold. The first frost bite has appeared. And trench foot. I never heard of it but when the hospital saw the first ghastly cases the word went out for everyone to change socks and heat up their feet every single day to stop their feet from literally rotting. Trench foot was last seen in WW1. The hospital established a second tent just for feet. Warming heaters. Inspection. Free socks. We got numbers to queue. I pulled off my boots for the first time in two weeks and found a black toe and a grotesquely split heel. I now officially have nine toes left. The weird thing is I did not feel a thing until they amputated the black toe and defrosted my feet. Now I am hobbling in agony.

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