While researching the Guttersnipe propaganda I have found an intriguing tidbit of intel

While researching the Guttersnipe propaganda I have found an intriguing tidbit of intel. Wellus House owns Smithiton Steel of course. So Wellus House ordered the Smithiton hit. It was never charged because the evidence was never founded that could convict in open court. Habius Corpus. Produce the corpse.  But the Guttersnipes apparently got hold of some evidence that might have nailed the CEO of Wellus House. Smithiton steel workers smuggled out one picture of the point blank to the back of the head execution. It was no less than Smithiton himself. The hostile takeover of Smithiton by Wellus House left the Smithiton clan mere supervisors. Executive lackeys. Steelmakers who loved steel and originally built the best steel mill in Zendula reduced to being yes men. Except apparently they refused to rubber stamp mismanagement by Wellus overseers or abuse of steel workers. So in the course of the Smithiton Massacre no less than Smithiton Junior was executed. Someone smuggled the photograph out of the steel mill to the Guttersnipes. But the Guttersnipes were mowed down in their hideout in some warehouse on one of the Haven Piers. The evidence was lost forever. I wonder if the old criminal records say which warehouse the shootout of the Guttersnipes happened in? I sure hope this Occupy Protest does not end up like the Guttersnipe War. They all ended up stone cold dead and dead men tell no tales.


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