‘The end justifies the means’

I confront our heroic leader as she visits the hospital tent to see the wounded to decide who can leave and go to real hospitals. ‘How many martyrs are you willing to recruit’ I ask her. ‘Recruit without warning them what they are being recruited into!’

She adjusts her dark goggles over her gasmask. ‘Why not make yourself useful Christopher by giving us the handler of the rogue squad who is doing the bombings and shootings.’

‘Why would I know him?’ I reply. ‘How can I know the names of handlers like the handler you contact for artful snipers to shoot so precisely to wound but not kill such touching martyrs for TV consumption?’

‘Then shut up and fuck off Christopher’ she replied coldly. ‘The end justifies the means.’

‘The Chief Navigator is probably telling his side the same cliche’ I replied.

‘Why are you here?’ she asked me.

‘Why are you here?’ I replied.


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